Attendance and Lateness

On Attendance:

  • I allow 3 absences before your participation grade is affected (save these up for routine illness, job interviews, oversleeping, and long lines at the coffee shop). Arriving late or leaving early counts as half an absence.
  • This absence policy also applies to adding the course late.
  • Absences due to religious holidays will be excused if you tell me beforehand.
  • If you have an ongoing or sudden serious medical concern or family emergency, talk to me ASAP and BEFORE assignments are due.
  • If you are absent or late, it is your responsibility to catch up by asking a classmate for notes from discussion, reading the website, and downloading any handouts. After that, feel free to ask me questions, but don’t email asking “did I miss anything important?” Of course you did.

On Lateness:

  • I DO NOT ACCEPT LATE ASSIGNMENTS. Turn your work in on time. If you add the class late, you cannot make up missed assignments.

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