All assignments will be graded on:

  • how well you address the requirements of the assignment (including the blog prompts)
  • the degree of full and properly formatted source citations
  • thorough engagement with the course readings, class discussions, and other course materials (including quotations and analysis)
  • professionalism
  • writing (including clarity, grammar, organization, syntax/sentence structure, etc.).

Late assignments will not be accepted and assignment deadline extensions will not be granted, except in cases of documented medical or family emergencies. You MUST alert me to emergency situations ASAP, and BEFORE assignments are due if at all possible.

All written assignments will be submitted digitally, either via email or posted here on this course website by the deadline. If you are having trouble with WordPress, you can always email me your assignment BY THE DEADLINE to get credit for submitting it on time, but you must still post it to the course website afterwards.

Grading rubric:

97-100: A+ 87-90: B+ Etc. for C’s & D’s
93-96: A 83-86: B 59 or below: F
90-92: A- 80-82: B-

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