Week One: More than “Just a Game” 

Mon 1/6: Introductions, Reviewing Terms, Introduction to Bodies Project, Methods of Analysis, Website review

Watch Not Just a Game: Power, Politics, and American Sports by David Zirin.

Wed 1/8: Bruce, Toni. “Reflections on Communication and Sport: On Women and Femininities” Communication and Sport 1:1/2 (2012) 125-137.

Fri 1/10: Messner, Michael. “Reflections on Communication and Spot: On Men and Masculinities” Communication and Sport 1:1/2 (2012) 113-124.

Due: Create WordPress blog account and join course website. Post introductory blog with choice of sport or fitness activity.

Week Two: Making Athletic Bodies

Mon 1/13: Green, Harvey. “Living the Strenuous Life,” Fit for America: Health, Fitness, Sport and American Society. New York: Pantheon Books, 1986, 219-258.

Wed 1/15: de la Peña, Carolyn Thomas. “Measuring Mechanical Strength,” The Body Electric: How Strange Machines Built the Modern American. New York and London: New York University Press, 2003, 50-88.

Fri 1/17: Modern gym analysis activity

Due Stereotype of the Sport blog

Week Three: Power, Nation, & Masculinity

Mon 1/20: No Class

Wed 1/22: Benavides, O. Hugo. “Football and the Nation: Producing American Culture” Oppositional Conversations 1 (2012)

Watch Murderball, directed by Henry Alex Rubin & Dana Adam Shapiro, 2005.

Fri 1/24: Oates, Thomas P. “The Erotic Gaze in the NFL Draft” Communication and Critical/Cultural Studies 4:1, 2007, 74-90.

Week Four: Title IX and Generational Changes

Mon 1/27: Ware, Susan. “Introduction: Title IX—Thirty-seven Words that Changed American Sports,” Title IX: A Brief History with Documents. Boston: Bedford/St. Martin’s, 2007, 1-31.

Watch A Hero for Daisy, written and produced by Mary Mazzio (1999).

Wed 1/29: Heywood, Leslie “Producing Girls: Empire, Sport, and the Neoliberal Body” in Physical Culture, Power, and the Body, London: Routledge, 2007, 101-120.

Fri 1/31: Vertinsky, Patricia. “‘Skierinas’ in the Olympics: Gender Justice and Gender Politics at the Local, National, and International Level over the Challenge of Women’s Ski Jumping” Olympika 2009, 25-56.

Week Five: Olympic Beginnings

Mon 2/3: Beamish, Rob & Ian Ritchie, “From Coubertin’s Dream to High-Performance Sport,” Faster, Highest, Strongest: A Critique of High-Performance Sport New York and London: Routledge, 2006, 11-30.

Wed 2/5: Bass, Amy. “Whose Broad Stars and Bright Stripes? Race, Nation, and Power at the 1968 Mexico City Olympics” in Sports Matter: Race, Recreation, and Culture (Ed. John Bloom & Michael Nevin Willard). New York and London: New York University Press, 2002, 185-208.

Fri 2/7:  (In Class) Watch Strong directed by Julie Wyman, 2011.

Due: Blog Post on Media Analysis

Week Six: Bodies of Controversy

Mon 2/10: Reading: Cole, C. L. “One Chromosome Too Many?” The Olympics at the Millennium: Power, Politics and the Games (Ed. Schaffer, Kay & Smith, Sidonie).  New Brunswick, NJ: Rutgers University Press, 2000, 126-146.

Wed 2/12: Cooky, Cheryl, Ranissa Dycus, & Shari Dworkin. “What Makes a Woman a Woman?” Versus “Our First Lady of Sport”: A Comparative Media Analysis of the United States and South Africa Media Coverage of Caster Semenya” Journal of Sport & Social Issues 37, 2013: 31-56.

Fri 2/14: Olympics Review and Workshop Sources

Due: Blog post on Learning through Doing

Week Seven: Gender and Business of “Leisure” Sports

Mon 2/17: No Class

Wed 2/19: Comer, Krista. “Countercultural Places: Surf Shops and the Transfer of Girl Localist Knowledge” Surfer Girls and the New World Order Durham, NC: Duke University Press, 2010, 162-204.

Fri 2/21: Guest Speakers Coco and Izzy Tihanyi, founders of Surf Diva

Week Eight: Ability, Disability, and Bodily Manipulations

Mon 2/24: P. David Howe. “Cyborg and Supercrip: The Paralympic Technology and the (Dis)empowerment of Disabled Athletes” Sociology 2011 45: 868-882.

Wed 2/26: Casper, Monica & Lisa Jean Moore. “It Takes Balls: Lance Armstrong and the Triumph of American Masculinity” Missing Bodies: Politics of Visibility. New York: New York University Press, 2009, 157-176.

Fri 2/28: Olympics/Paralympics Review and Workshop Projects

Due: Blog post on Sources

Week Nine: Performance, Gender, and Play

Mon 3/3: Rand, Erica. “Court and Sparkle: Kye Allums, John Weir, and Raced Problems” GLQ 19:1 (2013) 435-464.

Wed 3/5: Grindstaff, Laura & Emily West. ““Hands on Hips, Smiles on Lips!” Gender, Race and the Performance of Spirit in Cheerleading” Text and Performance Quarterly 30:2 (2010) 143-162.

Fri 3/7: Workshop Projects

Week Ten: Wrapping Up

Mon 3/10: Exam

Wed 3/12: Group work on Final Projects and Presentations

Fri 3/14: Group work on Final Projects and Presentations

Final Individual Project Due Monday, March 17th

Final Exam Period (Fri 3/21 8-11 am): Final Presentations and Performances

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