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Do you want to be a woman or an athlete?

In my first blog post, when I introduced myself, I described myself as conflicted by two opposing sides.  On one side, I am very girly girl who loves fashion and would never want to chip a fresh manicure.  On the … Continue reading

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Disabled or Supercrip?.. How about you call me an “Athlete”

Are media sources motives to empower the Paralympics or are they under-representing not only the athletes in games, but the athletes not in them as well? “Disabled: physically or mentally impaired, injured, or incapacitated” (“Disabled”).  I found this definition just … Continue reading

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Surf Porn

The advertisement I chose to analyze is a short clip of the beautiful professional surfer Stephanie Gilmore in what seems to be a surfing advertisement for Roxy.  The images seen in the clip seem to challenge some of the ideologies … Continue reading

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I’ll just keep picking up my feet and pumping my arms one step at a time

As I’ve started my journey running I have already ran into several stereotypes that come with the sport. I’m not the most physically fit person, better yet I’m not skinny, tall, or lanky. I’m tanned, but I don’t run without … Continue reading

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