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Black Boys Playing Ball: Race and Masculinity in American Basketball

Since its invention in the late 19th century, basketball has become one of the most popular sports in the world today. It is one of the most widely known and watched televised sports especially in the United States where many … Continue reading

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The Media Culture Of Basketball

In today’s generation the way advertising and media is presented to us become a viable factor in how we interpret the conveyed messages they offer consumers. Advertising companies do wonders with brands to mimic styles and culture so that individuals … Continue reading

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The Black Man’s Game

Question: How is power present in Basketball in relation to racial stereotypes and what role does media play in relation to power and militarization of the sport? My first source is by James Koch who talks about the discrimination within … Continue reading

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Race and the Evolution of Basketball

How does race intersect with the evolution of basketball, and what role does it play in modern day basketball and influence the construction of social and cultural ideals for the athletes? For the eight months of the year that the basketball … Continue reading

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Emotional Escapades With B-Ball

I  want to be able to uncover the phenomenon that occurs when people watch a sports game. Watching sports always tends to bring people together and join them to be a part of the same cause while ignoring all other … Continue reading

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Unique Culture

The sport that I chose to become more familiar with and improve at was basketball. I have often seen people playing small games of it in the gym and it appeared to be not only a good workout but an … Continue reading

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Strike a pose Vogue

I chose this photo of LeBron James and Gisele Bundchen from the Vogue, “Shape Issue,” because it hailed me through the facial features of the two individuals captured on the cover and how different they were. LeBron James, an NBA … Continue reading

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Tall or short, male or female, do they matter?

The stereotypes of basketball always exist in our society. Basketball players should be as “tall” as Kobe Bryant or at least six feet height. Indeed, it is true that most of the NBA basketball players are tall. According to the … Continue reading

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Black guys can jump, but White guys can’t.

Can white men not jump? Of course they can, but this is an ongoing joke in our society that they can’t jump and that Black, African American, men have more stamina to jump successfully. The whole “jumping” action goes far … Continue reading

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Time to bball!

Hi everyone! This is my third year at UCSD and I just decided to major in communication. I have been in love with sport since my father taught me how to ride a bicycle when I was at 10. I … Continue reading

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