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Female Bodybuilding: Empowering or Restrictive?

Research Question: Does bodybuilding empower women to break the constructs of femininity or constrain them? And how does the sexualized male gaze, counter-culture sport, and hegemonic masculinity affect the answer? “Chapter Six: A Woman’s Place is in the…Cardiovascular Room?” from … Continue reading

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Lift Like a Girl

Since the beginning of this project, I have been lifting weights one to three times per week for one hour sessions. During weekdays, I train at RIMAC on campus, but on weekends I go to LA Fitness. I workout with … Continue reading

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Welcome to the gym…here we see a bro in his natural habitat drinking protein next to a Schwarzenegger

One common stereotype of weightlifters is the “bro.” A bro is a young white male, between the ages of about eighteen to twenty-eight, middle to upper socioeconomic class, heterosexual, and big in size and stature. Bros can be seen strutting … Continue reading

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