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“Be a Beast” and “Beast Mode” are phrases I hear often in the world of sports and athleticism. It evokes qualities of strength and power in individuals geared to help them perform their best and excel in what they do. … Continue reading

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“Sir, Yes, Sir” or “Ma’am, Yes, Ma’am”

After starting boot camp I have begin to more readily notice the undeniable association of militarism and masculinity associated with the sport as a training program. However, recently the femininity also associated with boot camp and the military has come … Continue reading

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Barefoot Boot Camp

Starting boot camp was one of those things in life that I heavily contemplated and asked myself do I really want to do this. The idea of boot camp along with the preconceived notions of the rigorous workout due to … Continue reading

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BootCamp: Gendering through Sports

IMAGE CREDIT: http://www.cloud9designonline.com/2011/10/j-j-bootcamp-ad-design.html Advertisements often work off of two ideals, stereotypes to speak to the focus audience and counter arguments to stereotypes to entice a different group of individuals.  The advertisement above is an advertisement that challenges the stereotype of … Continue reading

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Boot Camp: More than just the Camo.

What are the first five things you think of when you hear the words Boot Camp? Most people would thing of pain, endurance, military men, rigid structure and difficult obstacles. When you think of someone in boot camp, you probably … Continue reading

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Life of a PreMed Communications Major

Dating back to my first semester in community college I knew I had the desire to go Pre-Med and my desire was always to work with athletes. My goals and aspirations all lead to the fact that I one day … Continue reading

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