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“Be a Beast” and “Beast Mode” are phrases I hear often in the world of sports and athleticism. It evokes qualities of strength and power in individuals geared to help them perform their best and excel in what they do. … Continue reading

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The real runner stereotype

As a newly proclaimed born again runner,I will admit that running has not been easy for me. When I see people run I honestly stereotype runners as a people who are lean, all around fit, and truly enjoy the activity … Continue reading

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Why Don’t You Play a Real Sport?

What do you personally consider to be a sport? Many people define sports differently and many people refuse to recognize one sport as a legitimate sport compared to another. The sport that I am focusing on, rhythmic gymnastics, faces this … Continue reading

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Do You Even Lift? Well, um, no, not really.

As an active, sport enthusiast, transfer student from the greater Los Angeles area, I have been exposed to various “mainstream” sports, such as baseball (Dodgers and Angels), basketball (Lakers and Clippers), and soccer (Galaxy). However, the sport I devoted a … Continue reading

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Life of a PreMed Communications Major

Dating back to my first semester in community college I knew I had the desire to go Pre-Med and my desire was always to work with athletes. My goals and aspirations all lead to the fact that I one day … Continue reading

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