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Sexuality, Gender and Race in American Football

     The origins of American football have helped shape the face of the sport and its role in our culture today. In its early stages, football was a white male-dominated sport. Reforms to college and professional leagues over the … Continue reading

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An Inside Look At “The World’s Most Popular Game”

Soccer has been around for a long time. Starting up in Europe, overtime, it has branched out to become “the world’s most popular game.” Even though there are many perks of having a global game, there also coincides with the … Continue reading

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Maintaining Male Order and Suppression of Gay Jocks

My research question is: What are the social, emotional, financial, and political ramifications for homosexual football players at the elite and/or professional level? The book Taking the Field is written by Michael A. Messner, a professor at USC and the Past President … Continue reading

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Playing with the Gaze

My family is filled with football fans, ever since I can remember I’ve been surrounded by the culture of football. My cousin played and I went to almost all of the high school football games. However, my closest interactions with … Continue reading

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Always a Spectator, Never a Player

     In preparation for this blog post, I played in my first ever game of football. I’ve participated in the mandatory football exercises we did during P.E, but even then I had never played a full game. My church … Continue reading

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Isn’t this what all female football fans look like?

     This image is an example of the stereotype of women in the realm of football. Marissa Miller, Sports Illustrated and Victoria’s Secret supermodel, became a spokesperson for the 49ers for the 2010-2011 season because the NFL wanted to … Continue reading

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Things to Think about on Super Bowl Sunday

A video that will not air today (Superbowl Sunday), but that should be part of conversations about football: And an article from the New York Times on the morality of watching football: http://www.nytimes.com/2014/01/26/magazine/is-it-immoral-to-watch-the-super-bowl.html?smid=fb-share&_r=0

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The Phallus of Football

What’s up class! My name is Greg Valdivia and Im a 4th year double-major in Ethnic Studies and Communication. At the very young age of 3 years old, I was ran over by an electric bike and I broke my … Continue reading

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Just run the bases and score a touchdown….or something like that

Hi all! I am a second year student from LA studying communication and business. First and foremost, just to clarify the title of this post, I am aware that there are no touchdowns in baseball. But the fact remains that … Continue reading

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Football: Essential Americana

Hi everyone! Like many of you in this class, my major is Communication. I’m a third year student, and I love playing and watching almost any sport. My parents enrolled me in swim lessons when I was in preschool and … Continue reading

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