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Title IX and the Intersection of Race and Gender in Rowing

When analyzing any sport it is important to acknowledge the power relationships and ideological discourses that occur within all sports. This idea is transnational. My Engagement with the Sport:          It is important to recognize my position within the sport … Continue reading

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Gender and Class Seperation

Issues concerning gender are extremely apparent within the sporting world. The separation of men and women has always been a factor that has effected mostly all sports. Even after Title IX passed, equality for both genders is a battle that … Continue reading

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‘I love football, instead of soccer.’ American said

According to Babaguchi, Kawai, Ogura, and Kitahashi (2004), from the history of the American compatriots, football is linked to their lives and family. In America, football is viewed as a game of high school reunions and homecoming as well. In most … Continue reading

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Why is it called Softball?

The obvious difference between a baseball and softball is the size of the ball. But why is it that the ball is called soft when that is not even close to the case? Does the ball derive it’s name from … Continue reading

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MLB: American Dream

From my research, I have realized that baseball involves a complicated history of racism and gender discrimination. Many articles discuss about how blacks attained their memberships in Major League by overcoming many struggles in establishing rights for game participations. Many … Continue reading

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“Sir, Yes, Sir” or “Ma’am, Yes, Ma’am”

After starting boot camp I have begin to more readily notice the undeniable association of militarism and masculinity associated with the sport as a training program. However, recently the femininity also associated with boot camp and the military has come … Continue reading

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Position and Perspective in Ultimate

While researching Ultimate Frisbee, I noticed that there was a common trend in the discussion of masculinity, femininity, and body physique. I noticed that scholars observed and noted differences in the perspectives of different people in relation to their position … Continue reading

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Does appearance matter in playing Baseball?

PNY’s flash drive ad shows a photo of four children wearing baseball uniforms with globes and bats. The ad denotatively presents three boys and one girl as baseball players; three of them are White, and one of them is Black. … Continue reading

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Time to bball!

Hi everyone! This is my third year at UCSD and I just decided to major in communication. I have been in love with sport since my father taught me how to ride a bicycle when I was at 10. I … Continue reading

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