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Sexuality, Gender and Race in American Football

     The origins of American football have helped shape the face of the sport and its role in our culture today. In its early stages, football was a white male-dominated sport. Reforms to college and professional leagues over the … Continue reading

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Surfing Violence and Masculinity

If localism an aggression in surfing thins out crowds making things safer, then is it ethically justifiable? Since about 40 years ago surfers attitudes have become progressively more contentious with fixating on defending their so-called local breaks. Surfing as far … Continue reading

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Disabled or Supercrip?.. How about you call me an “Athlete”

Are media sources motives to empower the Paralympics or are they under-representing not only the athletes in games, but the athletes not in them as well? “Disabled: physically or mentally impaired, injured, or incapacitated” (“Disabled”).  I found this definition just … Continue reading

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Freaks of Nature

I chose this image in light of my topic which focuses on athletes with disabilities who’s goals are to continue pursuing their goal competitively in running.  This image is an ad for the London 2012 Paralympic Games and is promoting … Continue reading

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