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Queer Men of Color: A Sin of the NFL

Issues about homophobia and racial representation in the National Football League are derived from male domination that structures the institution to distribute power through a culture of heterosexual dominance and white supremacy; just a scratch on the surface of the … Continue reading

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Maintaining Male Order and Suppression of Gay Jocks

My research question is: What are the social, emotional, financial, and political ramifications for homosexual football players at the elite and/or professional level? The book Taking the Field is written by Michael A. Messner, a professor at USC and the Past President … Continue reading

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Are they heroes or homosexual?

Credit: http://hockeygods.com/images/8621-Great_Britain_Mens_Olympic_Field_Hockey_Team____Cancer_Research It is difficult to discuss the stereotypes that surround field hockey because the assumptions about the sport in the United States are not transnational.  In fact, the dominant ideologies surrounding the sport in the U.S. are almost the exact … Continue reading

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