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Gender and Class Seperation

Issues concerning gender are extremely apparent within the sporting world. The separation of men and women has always been a factor that has effected mostly all sports. Even after Title IX passed, equality for both genders is a battle that … Continue reading

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Horses, jumping, narrowing it all down

I’ll be frank, I have no idea where my research is taking me yet. The sport of stadium jumping is not something that is well-studied. While I may have a few ideas on where I want to take this, it … Continue reading

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As Graceful as a Rider

Riding in general is not an easy sport to get involved in, and that especially goes for jumping. It takes finding a stable, money, and a trainer. Since I do not own a horse at this time, and was not … Continue reading

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The weight debate

The image that I chose to talk about is one that challenges one of the popular stereotypes of the jumping sport. At first, one would see a person riding a horse. The horse appears to be jumping over a hedge. … Continue reading

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Those Snobby Riders

In the world of English riding, there are many stereotypes floating around. One “popular” belief is that all English riders are “English”. Once, when I was visiting Hawaii, I went on a riding excursion and was asked if I ride … Continue reading

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Basketball to Stadium Jumping

Hello everyone, I am a Junior, third year transfer student from Southwestern College down in Chula Vista. For most of my life I have been active, but only into sports within the past ten years. I started out as a … Continue reading

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