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Horses, jumping, narrowing it all down

I’ll be frank, I have no idea where my research is taking me yet. The sport of stadium jumping is not something that is well-studied. While I may have a few ideas on where I want to take this, it … Continue reading

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As Graceful as a Rider

Riding in general is not an easy sport to get involved in, and that especially goes for jumping. It takes finding a stable, money, and a trainer. Since I do not own a horse at this time, and was not … Continue reading

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The weight debate

The image that I chose to talk about is one that challenges one of the popular stereotypes of the jumping sport. At first, one would see a person riding a horse. The horse appears to be jumping over a hedge. … Continue reading

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Black guys can jump, but White guys can’t.

Can white men not jump? Of course they can, but this is an ongoing joke in our society that they can’t jump and that Black, African American, men have more stamina to jump successfully. The whole “jumping” action goes far … Continue reading

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Those Snobby Riders

In the world of English riding, there are many stereotypes floating around. One “popular” belief is that all English riders are “English”. Once, when I was visiting Hawaii, I went on a riding excursion and was asked if I ride … Continue reading

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Basketball to Stadium Jumping

Hello everyone, I am a Junior, third year transfer student from Southwestern College down in Chula Vista. For most of my life I have been active, but only into sports within the past ten years. I started out as a … Continue reading

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