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Do you want to be a woman or an athlete?

In my first blog post, when I introduced myself, I described myself as conflicted by two opposing sides.  On one side, I am very girly girl who loves fashion and would never want to chip a fresh manicure.  On the … Continue reading

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You Learn Something New Everyday …

I have played field hockey for over eight years now.  Growing up, I had the extreme honor to have members of the U.S. Men’s National Team as coaches and today I have the privilege of calling them friends.  Having played … Continue reading

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Tall or short, male or female, do they matter?

The stereotypes of basketball always exist in our society. Basketball players should be as “tall” as Kobe Bryant or at least six feet height. Indeed, it is true that most of the NBA basketball players are tall. According to the … Continue reading

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The Ultimate Lesbian?

Ultimate Frisbee is not a main stream sport that is widely talked about or seen on TV. A fair amount of people in America, or anywhere else for that matter, don’t know much about the sport or have ever seen … Continue reading

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You wish you could “Play Like a Girl”

Softball is a sport that is undeniably linked with lesbian stereotypes in popular culture. Softball players are generally built in the upper body with strong defined arms. The body stature that is represented in a softball player is associated with a … Continue reading

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Field Hockey!? Wow, you must be really tough.

Lucky for me, a decent amount of people in the United States has never even heard of my sport.  Now this is lucky because that means they have not been able to come up with inaccurate judgments.  However, the half … Continue reading

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