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The Necessary Love Affair: Baseball & Steroids

Major League Baseball is a business, and like all businesses, the main goal is to earn profit, and not always ethically.  For the case of the MLB, steroids is obviously unethical; it is a form of cheating that a majority … Continue reading

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Code of Honor

“There is a fine line between how much violence causes entertainment and how much violence causes social disgust. When it comes to episodes of violence where the violence is kept to a minimum and no one really gets hurt, fighting … Continue reading

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The Black Man’s Game

Question: How is power present in Basketball in relation to racial stereotypes and what role does media play in relation to power and militarization of the sport? My first source is by James Koch who talks about the discrimination within … Continue reading

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BootCamp: Gendering through Sports

IMAGE CREDIT: http://www.cloud9designonline.com/2011/10/j-j-bootcamp-ad-design.html Advertisements often work off of two ideals, stereotypes to speak to the focus audience and counter arguments to stereotypes to entice a different group of individuals.  The advertisement above is an advertisement that challenges the stereotype of … Continue reading

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