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I Wanna Buy A Bike

Biking started in 1817. This was when bikes were a mode of transportation, a chance to travel greater distances in shorter times. These bikes started out at being 100 pounds a piece. As the years went on, the types of … Continue reading

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How do I buy a bike again?

How does the body and technology transformation accelerate the growth of popularity in the downhill mountainbiking sport? Everyone has heard of Red Bull. It’s an energy drink that is known to have it’s brand plastered on some of the craziest … Continue reading

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Walking up to the mountain top

Sitting on the top of my new bike, in a full-face helmet, knee pads, and gloves. Staring at the start of a downhill mountain bike trail called E-Ticket. Just watched my boyfriend start riding down the hill. He immediately turned … Continue reading

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Do you have a death wish? You’re stupid!

There are so many stereotypes in so many sports nowadays. There is a common occurrence of having several stereotypes within one sport. Downhill Mountain Bikers are considered stupid people who have no brain and have some type of death wish. … Continue reading

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The thrill and the rush…watch out for that tree!!!!

Hello, My name is Kaylee. I am a junior here. Also, a Communications major and Business minor. I have been extremely fortunate enough to always have been involved in sports. I am the oldest of six children and we were … Continue reading

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