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Mountain Biking as Sport

Sports have all had to start somewhere. Baseball started with just makeshift equipment. There was no real league and no real equipment being manufactured for the sport. Now it is a full-fledged sport with rules, professional players, and equipment made … Continue reading

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Comparing How We See, To How We Portray Curling

My Question: How has the sport of Curling in America become stereotyped through media coverage compared to Canada, and what characteristics of athleticism does Curling maintain to keep it a Winter Olympic sport? Andrew Billings’ article talks about a sense … Continue reading

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Curling: Janitors on Ice?

This week I have been watching the U.S. Men and Women’s Curling prelims for the Sochi Winter Olympics. Each evening I try to set aside a couple hours to watch a match while I do my homework. In fact, I’m … Continue reading

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Are they heroes or homosexual?

Credit: http://hockeygods.com/images/8621-Great_Britain_Mens_Olympic_Field_Hockey_Team____Cancer_Research It is difficult to discuss the stereotypes that surround field hockey because the assumptions about the sport in the United States are not transnational.  In fact, the dominant ideologies surrounding the sport in the U.S. are almost the exact … Continue reading

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Was Argyle The Right Choice?

Just from immediately looking at this image from purely observation, I see a curling team of three male players wearing colorful pants of red and blue diamonds. All three of them do not appear to have any visible muscles or … Continue reading

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“Dude, is this seriously an Olympic sport?”

Curling has gained the reputation (especially in the Olympics) of not being a sport. Many people who flip through the numerous channels broadcasting the Olympics are quick to poke fun at it without sitting through it and watching a match. … Continue reading

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