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Define a Real Sport

Throughout my research, I noticed a recurring debate on numerous articles on whether or not Rhythmic Gymnastics was a sport. The arguments against Rhythmic Gymnastics focused on the flashy wardrobe, “simple” dance moves, and the gender of the rhythmic gymnasts. … Continue reading

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You’ll Never Know Until You Try!

Rhythmic Gymnastics has always been a “rare” sport that has interested me. It’s “rare” to me because it’s one of the only sports that I have ever wanted to learn. As discussed in my first entry, I never actively sought … Continue reading

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Best of Both Worlds

Rhythmic Gymnastics is a sport that has both male gymnasts and female gymnasts. However, the characteristics that are associated with the sport draw more attention on women gymnasts. The sport itself, stereotypically, is associated with having mainly feminine characteristics that … Continue reading

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Why Don’t You Play a Real Sport?

What do you personally consider to be a sport? Many people define sports differently and many people refuse to recognize one sport as a legitimate sport compared to another. The sport that I am focusing on, rhythmic gymnastics, faces this … Continue reading

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Dancing With a Touch of Creativity with an Attitude of a Diva

“I just want to twirl around with the ribbon and dance my heart away!” I used to say that when I was younger according to my mother after I watched a rhythmic gymnastics video. It’s interesting because sometimes I stumble … Continue reading

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