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Title IX and the Intersection of Race and Gender in Rowing

When analyzing any sport it is important to acknowledge the power relationships and ideological discourses that occur within all sports. This idea is transnational. My Engagement with the Sport:          It is important to recognize my position within the sport … Continue reading

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Women’s crew and its role in the hegemonic masculinity that dominates rowing

Research Question: How and why does women’s rowing continue to be used as a tool to add to the hegemonic masculinity that dominates men’s collegiate rowing? What are the historical practices that can explain this? And what are the current … Continue reading

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2k Time.

Although I have been involved with the sport of rowing for three years, this is my first year as a rower, as a coxswain for two years I learned all about the world of rowing. Until this year though, I … Continue reading

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First a woman, then a disabled woman, then a disabled woman who is a rower.

This image was featured in a Sports Illustrated article. It is an image with very high contrast between the light and dark areas. From the top it is a light blue background with white, puffy blotches all over, and below … Continue reading

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The average height of our team is 5’4…so?

There are a few physical attributes of rowers that people who either know little or nothing, or even people engaged in the sport will first mention when they talk to a rower. The one I am going to discuss is … Continue reading

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You row? Why aren’t your arms huge?

Hi everyone, I am a junior who transferred to UCSD from Orange Coast College (OCC) as a sophomore. I was recruited as a coxswain for the men’s crew team here at UCSD early on in my first year at OCC … Continue reading

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