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Creating a National Identity in the Scrum

Studying rugby this quarter has focused my attention on the international dynamics that influence the sport. Here in America, rugby is largely an afterthought among the flurry of niche sports in this nation. There are few, if any, televised matches … Continue reading

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Rugby and the Facade of Racial Harmony

My previous research on rugby opened my eyes to the relationship that rugby has to race relations and the building of a masculine national identity. This relationship is most clear and documented in South Africa and New Zealand, two rugby … Continue reading

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Rugby at Home and Abroad

As I said in my first blog post, I came into 2014 knowing very little about the game of rugby. I have dedicated some time to learning the basic rules of the game and also the popular leagues and teams … Continue reading

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The Haka

The image I chose to examine represents a popular tradition within international rugby circles. Looking at the image with an untrained eye, one first notices the contrast in colors between the vivid green that is prominent at the top and … Continue reading

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Why Not Play Rugby?

Here in America rugby has some perceived stereotypes about its athletes despite the sports relatively low popularity. Growing up, I frequently heard people say that rugby players are tougher than football players because they don’t wear pads yet subject their … Continue reading

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Introduction to Rugby

I’m a second year communication major at UCSD and consider myself an avid sports fan. However, for most of my life the only activities that constituted my idea of sports were whatever were being played on ESPN or shown on … Continue reading

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