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What Would You Rather Be Hit With?

This project has allowed me to look at Softball, a sport I’ve been playing nearly my entire life from a new perspective. People always assume that I play Baseball, or that Softball and Baseball are the same thing, they aren’t! … Continue reading

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Masculinity as the Reason for Sex Division Between Softball and Baseball

Research Question: How does the technology, or the equipment used in Softball promote the ideologies associated with toughness and masculinity? Additionally, how does masculinity establish a difference between Baseball and Softball? “Thinking the Unthinkable” by Ann Travers In the article … Continue reading

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Softball Through A New Lens

As I have explained in previous blogs, I have played softball nearly my entire life and I am grateful for the opportunity I have to play softball at the collegiate level here at UCSD. As an athlete, I am always … Continue reading

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Where’s Your Race Face Man?!

Photo by Darktide Media I was present for the shoot when this photo was taken. It started out with a “hey, let me see you on this jump.” It progressed into “this is a sweet spot. Let me see your … Continue reading

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We’ve Gotta Show Them We’re Tough

This advertisement for the National Pro Fastpitch league contains the argument embedded within it that masculinity is tied to a lack of safety. Within the selected image, is a person, or in this case a softball player, who seems to … Continue reading

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