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Sexuality, Gender and Race in American Football

     The origins of American football have helped shape the face of the sport and its role in our culture today. In its early stages, football was a white male-dominated sport. Reforms to college and professional leagues over the … Continue reading

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You Learn Something New Everyday …

I have played field hockey for over eight years now.  Growing up, I had the extreme honor to have members of the U.S. Men’s National Team as coaches and today I have the privilege of calling them friends.  Having played … Continue reading

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“Sir, Yes, Sir” or “Ma’am, Yes, Ma’am”

After starting boot camp I have begin to more readily notice the undeniable association of militarism and masculinity associated with the sport as a training program. However, recently the femininity also associated with boot camp and the military has come … Continue reading

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The Role of Football in Our Society

While I was doing my research on American football, I wanted to focus on how its origins helped shape the face of the sport and its role in our culture today. First, I explored some of the early rules and … Continue reading

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Are they heroes or homosexual?

Credit: http://hockeygods.com/images/8621-Great_Britain_Mens_Olympic_Field_Hockey_Team____Cancer_Research It is difficult to discuss the stereotypes that surround field hockey because the assumptions about the sport in the United States are not transnational.  In fact, the dominant ideologies surrounding the sport in the U.S. are almost the exact … Continue reading

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Strike a pose Vogue

I chose this photo of LeBron James and Gisele Bundchen from the Vogue, “Shape Issue,” because it hailed me through the facial features of the two individuals captured on the cover and how different they were. LeBron James, an NBA … Continue reading

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More Curls, More Girls!

I discovered this image of Arnold Schwarzenegger on a body building blog. It features Schwarzenegger in the center of the image, taking up nearly the entire frame. The image is a long-range shot photographed from eye-level, directly in front of … Continue reading

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Oh you play softball? You must be a lesbian.

The sport you play should not indicate anything about your sexuality or your physical appearance. Unfortunately, the stereotypes that are associated with softball “prove” otherwise. The stereotypes most commonly associated with softball is being a lesbian or being big or … Continue reading

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The Phallus of Football

What’s up class! My name is Greg Valdivia and Im a 4th year double-major in Ethnic Studies and Communication. At the very young age of 3 years old, I was ran over by an electric bike and I broke my … Continue reading

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