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Emotional Escapades With B-Ball

I  want to be able to uncover the phenomenon that occurs when people watch a sports game. Watching sports always tends to bring people together and join them to be a part of the same cause while ignoring all other … Continue reading

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Best of Both Worlds

Rhythmic Gymnastics is a sport that has both male gymnasts and female gymnasts. However, the characteristics that are associated with the sport draw more attention on women gymnasts. The sport itself, stereotypically, is associated with having mainly feminine characteristics that … Continue reading

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Strike a pose Vogue

I chose this photo of LeBron James and Gisele Bundchen from the Vogue, “Shape Issue,” because it hailed me through the facial features of the two individuals captured on the cover and how different they were. LeBron James, an NBA … Continue reading

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Black guys can jump, but White guys can’t.

Can white men not jump? Of course they can, but this is an ongoing joke in our society that they can’t jump and that Black, African American, men have more stamina to jump successfully. The whole “jumping” action goes far … Continue reading

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Why Don’t You Play a Real Sport?

What do you personally consider to be a sport? Many people define sports differently and many people refuse to recognize one sport as a legitimate sport compared to another. The sport that I am focusing on, rhythmic gymnastics, faces this … Continue reading

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Two Worlds, One Cup

I am a third year ERC student majoring in communication and minoring in digital video and film production. As most kids, I played multiple sports including basketball, soccer, volleyball, baseball, judo and track. It was around the age of 10, … Continue reading

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Life of a PreMed Communications Major

Dating back to my first semester in community college I knew I had the desire to go Pre-Med and my desire was always to work with athletes. My goals and aspirations all lead to the fact that I one day … Continue reading

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