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The Media Culture Of Basketball

In today’s generation the way advertising and media is presented to us become a viable factor in how we interpret the conveyed messages they offer consumers. Advertising companies do wonders with brands to mimic styles and culture so that individuals … Continue reading

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The Black Man’s Game

Question: How is power present in Basketball in relation to racial stereotypes and what role does media play in relation to power and militarization of the sport? My first source is by James Koch who talks about the discrimination within … Continue reading

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Why is it called “Soft”ball?

The obvious difference between a baseball and softball is the size of the ball. But why is it that the ball is called soft when that is not even close to the case? Does the ball derive it’s name from … Continue reading

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Does appearance matter in playing Baseball?

PNY’s flash drive ad shows a photo of four children wearing baseball uniforms with globes and bats. The ad denotatively presents three boys and one girl as baseball players; three of them are White, and one of them is Black. … Continue reading

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Are they heroes or homosexual?

Credit: http://hockeygods.com/images/8621-Great_Britain_Mens_Olympic_Field_Hockey_Team____Cancer_Research It is difficult to discuss the stereotypes that surround field hockey because the assumptions about the sport in the United States are not transnational.  In fact, the dominant ideologies surrounding the sport in the U.S. are almost the exact … Continue reading

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Strike a pose Vogue

I chose this photo of LeBron James and Gisele Bundchen from the Vogue, “Shape Issue,” because it hailed me through the facial features of the two individuals captured on the cover and how different they were. LeBron James, an NBA … Continue reading

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The weight debate

The image that I chose to talk about is one that challenges one of the popular stereotypes of the jumping sport. At first, one would see a person riding a horse. The horse appears to be jumping over a hedge. … Continue reading

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The image I chose to audit both represents and challenges the stereotype that the sport of professional hockey is believed to be a sport of brutes who consider fighting apart of hockey culture. When closely evaluating the image from a … Continue reading

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Soccer Is Soccer No Matter Who Plays It

One thing I like about soccer is that there are no changes in rules or equipment no matter who plays it. Unlike other sports, the rules for soccer maintain the same. Sports such as baseball and ice hockey alter their … Continue reading

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Black guys can jump, but White guys can’t.

Can white men not jump? Of course they can, but this is an ongoing joke in our society that they can’t jump and that Black, African American, men have more stamina to jump successfully. The whole “jumping” action goes far … Continue reading

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