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Softball Pants: Proper, Practical, and Professional

The dissimilarities between uniforms for men and women within sports demonstrate how female athletes are governed in inequitable ways that feminize and sexualize female players (MacDonald). Across the spectrum of sports, most female athletes are subjected to wear shorts or … Continue reading

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Shorts vs. Pants

Why do the players on college teams wear pants while younger girls play with shorts and knee-high socks? What is the difference? Why the difference? Which is better? While current softball rules on all levels do not make a preference … Continue reading

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Back on the field

I engaged with softball through participation. I joined a weekly pick up game that I found on meetup.com. The slow pitch softball game takes place every Sunday in the La Jolla area and group varies from singles and couples ranging … Continue reading

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Was Argyle The Right Choice?

Just from immediately looking at this image from purely observation, I see a curling team of three male players wearing colorful pants of red and blue diamonds. All three of them do not appear to have any visible muscles or … Continue reading

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